Friday, May 25, 2018

The Soaring Eagle Team Blog!

Why fly like an Ostrich when you can Soar Like An Eagle

Hi Soaring Eagle Friends, 

Get the most out of your time online. Ken Wolff here with a few tips on how to do that.  It is important to keep a balance in what you do.  Work smarter not harder.  Work with a team.   

You too can join the Soaring Eagle Team Skype Chat Room 
if you are a member of one of the teams.

Join The Soaring Eagle Teams at 5 traffic exchanges. They are:

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TE Search

TE Search

Chihuahua Hits  
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If you are not yet a member, ask someone you know like and trust for a link to join. 

After joining each exchange, find the team surfing tab in the navigation menu. On the Team surfing page read the Info and Rewards tab, and then request to join The Soaring Eagles Teams on the top teams tab.

Click HERE to Join The Soaring Eagles Skype Chat Room 

Click on Surfer Rewards and scroll down to see what joint promos are happening each day to earn extra bonuses including cash in some cases.

Please join this blog and make comments and suggestions to help the team.  
Additional Sites with Special Promos:

Spy Bubble Power 

Spy Bubble Power


Click on Surf Rewards and scroll down or look in 
comments below to get details on Special Promos. 


  1. Hi, Ken and all readers! Started promoting Veteran Surf on Fast Easy Traffic today.

  2. Thank you Kimberly! I sure do appreciate your promotion of Veteran Surf on Fast Easy Traffic. Any day is a good day to Honor Veterans...Kimberly's awesome comment was on an earlier edition of this blog.