Friday, January 13, 2017

Introducing the ClickTrackProfit Season 8 Finals Badge Hunt & Badge # 049

Badge Hunt 2017

Hello Badge Hunt Friends,
Check back as this thread will be changing as we get into the ClickTrackProfit Season 8 Finals Badge Hunt.

Click on the text link
ClickTrackProfit Season 8 Finals Badge Hunt to get to all 5 badge hints.

I have 5 badges you can claim all are free but you can get all 5 at once if you take advantage of any OTO at sign up.

Badge # 049 can be claimed if you post a comment in this forum saying "Yes, I want
Badge # 049" Click below on the New Reply button below and post your comment.

To comment in any Adlandpro forum you must first be a member of Adlandpro.

Click HERE to join if you are not already a member

Watch the video and then click on **Register here** to join.

Click HERE
to go to the Index and claim the other four badges which will be explained in separate threads in this forum. I am adding it to my blog and will add a link here to the blog soon.

Have fun hunting for badges.

Ken Wolff
Forum Administrator
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Monday, October 31, 2016

Kore4 Upside Downline Builder To Infinity!

  • Join Kore4 with Susan
    Join Kore4 with Michael
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    Grab the latest link, join, click New Reply or Quote below in the Adlandpro forum and comment in that thread including your Kore4 link and I will edit this post giving you the top spot as owner of the latest link. Since this is going viral on the Internet I need to add that you will need to be a member of Adlandpro to post your message.

    you may also earn the spotlight position by joining Kore4 with anyone on this page and letting me,
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    My Facebook and Skype ID is:  ken.wolff1
    You don't have to be a member of Adlandpro to get involved but it would be in your best interest to join.
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    Watch the movie and click on the ** Register here **

    Now it is important to join Kore4 with someone you know like and trust. Trust me! I hope you like me...LOL...

    If you don't know me that is easy to fix. Let's start by sharing strategies for success. The best way to reach me is in Skype. My ID there is the same as it is in Facebook: ken.wolff1
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    If you join with my link, I will give you back the 100% of the commission that I receive as a rebate until you break even or get into profit. That can easily happen quickly as we will work as a team to build your downline to Infinity.
    I will encourage everyone on our team to do the same thing. Pay it forward. Help your downline to succeed.
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    Elaine has also agreed to offer the same incentive rebating her commission to anyone who signs up with her link until they break even or earn a profit.

    There are so many reasons to join Kore4 and exponentially increase the value of your online activity. You get 4 times the eXperience Points for your team for everything that you do in the CTP program.
    With that in mind I will add the names of the Kore4 members of our Souring Eagles Team in this downline builder to Infinity. 

    Join Kore4 with Julie
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    Evelyn's ALP Profile

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    Lugano's CTP Profile 

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    You spend months and months working away diligently, yet despite all this, the rewards just don’t seem to come is as if the decks are stacked against you. Now it is different. You have a team to work with. We will work together to build your downline to Infinity.

    Ken Wolff
    Skype me @: ken'wolff1

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Veteran Surf & Stealth Hits Cross Promo!

Stealth Hits  & Veteran Surf  have a Cross Promo coming up
tomorrow, Friday July 15, 2015!

Hello Internet Marketing Friends,

The brand new Traffic Exchange "StealthHits"
just launched!  It has Progressive surf ratios
for all levels, Downline builder,Login spotlight,
VTG Game where you can win cash and prizes.TE promo
cash badges,TE Marathon badges,word search,and more.

All members earn commissions on oto's, Upgrades,
and Purchases.4 membership levels.

If you like what you have read so far join with this link

Click Here to join Stealth Hits!

Monthly on the 3rd Friday
Cross Promo Surfer Rewards
Surf 125 Pages At Both Sites
Choose From: 50/500/500

If you are not yet a member of Veteran Surf join from my
personalized splash page and I will give you 150 credits:

Click Here to join Veteran Surf

If you upgrade I will give you 1000 credits!

Ken Wolff
Skype and Facebook ID:  ken.wolff1

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Soaring Eagle Team Blog!

Hi Soaring Eagle Friends, 

Get the most out of your time online. Ken Wolff here with a few tips on how to do that.  It is important to keep a balance in what you do.  Work smarter not harder.  Work with a team. 

Join The Soaring Eagle Teams at 6 traffic exchanges. They are:

Veteran Surf,
Veteran Surf

Money Makers Xchange,
Join Money MakersXChange


Surfer Sanctuary
Surfing Sanctuary 

TE Search,
TE Search

and Fabulous=TE.

If you are not yet a member, ask someone you know like and trust for a link to join. 

After joining each exchange, find the team surfing tab in the navigation menu. On the Team surfing page read the Info and Rewards pages, and then request to join The Soaring Eagles or Eagles Rock in the case of Surfer Sanctuary Team added  by Linda Carroll.  Linda is now the Team Captain of Soaring Eagle in Veteran Surf.

Klara's Facebook page
I would like to add a couple of sites to the Soaring Eagle Teams owned by our good friend Klara Schmidtz

Her brand new exchange HungryForHits 

Join HungryForHits

and a long time favorite Sotuk Traffic

Join Sotuk Traffic

 If you are already a member of Klara's sites, start a Soaring Eagle Team and get me your referral ID for each and we will build a separate downline builder to infinity for each program.